Non RNG accuracy system idea

What do you guys think about a non RNG base accuracy system? What I mean is range units have an accuracy value that determent damage drops the further their targets are? So it is harder to snipe units from distance.

Archer gain higher accuracy against large units like Cav and Elephant but lower accuracy against light calvary that is moving fast? I think that is a more dynamic system than just simply bonus damage. Since this allows your army control, movement, and position to have a larger impact on the game.

Even mele units can have accuracy. Such as spears can have +1 range but low accuracy making them weak against infantry. but against Cav and Elephant, they have full attack power. Having +1 range also means that they have more power in large number, and in a choke point where it is harder to get surround. So they have more than just one simple role?

In the battle for middle earth RTS game, large units like elephants can stomp a group of units so having range advantage allow spearman to stay at a safe distance against them. It is more satisfy to use than just having a large bonus damage.


I like it . I also would like for horseman should have an ability with some cooldown that allows them to completely dodge arrows for a few seconds.

May i say no, about a non RNG base accuracy system?

The arrow dps need to stay historic acurate, to allow players to learn from it.

A arrow stay a arrow.

If a arrow hit you, you should be hurt at full dps, if miss, you live a other day.

A arrow that hit you at the same velosiry, from 1 feet or from 1 yard, will always do you the same damage.

Maybe had a pourcentage to side effect when hit by arrow?

10% unit die, 20% unit get 75% damage and get bleed statut ( losing 1 hp each second), 30% unit get 50% damage, 40% unit get 10% damage and 50% slow.

A spear that hit you at the same velosiry, from 1 feet or from 1 yard, will always do you the same damage.

I don’t like active ability, where the one who click the mouse the fastess win.

Just allow units to doge arrow that are in the air, time of travel of arrow in the air depend of the range of target.

I would love to see a cavalery charge on archers, and see the archer fall down and push aways, has cavalery trample them, passing trougth the enemy line like butter, until the cavalery unit fell from horse, stab by a pikemen.