Non serious division. Is there one?

Hi, random question but perhaps a bit of context. I’m casual player who likes to play AOE4 but have no desire to get better every match. Just like to play a fun game. When I play the non ranked matches I found the difference in players skills very large so I played ranked. However once you get above Bronze it seems to become very serious. Personally just want good fun games and to be honest Bronze is perfect. I can stay in Bronze by losing matches intentionally but that isn’t fun. My question is there a fun casual league or do I have to throw matches to have fun Bronzes matches.

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Play custom or quick match.


Yeah I’ve tried that but it so random. Think I just hang in Silver Gold and accept the intensity. I’m way too old to take games seriously :slight_smile:

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If you want good fun and unserious match, I usually go for FFA Nomad’s game.
Custom games though. But I find those rather liberating. Being older guy myself with Schrödingers time (You have time untill you haven’t.)

You can usually play those on your own pace, tend to not be competative by nature, and if you gotta go, theres no hard feelings or major impact to the game itself