Nonahkee skin is blocked

I have completed the challenge of day 2 but the skin remains blocked. In fact, I have completed all the tasks of the Peacemaker event and I have get Kanien skin but i cannot use Nonahkee skin for some reason. Also, I can’t retry day 2 tasks…

Anyone have the same problem?

Please help!

Hi there @Player155479418!

Sorry to hear that! Could you please send us your player ID and we can check what happened on the server side? The number you are looking for is within C:\Users\<user>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE and you’ll see a folder with many numbers. Those numbers are the User ID :cowboy_hat_face:

You can reply here or DM me!

Bread :bread:

Thank you!!

My User ID is 76561199098750257

Thanks @Player155479418!

You should have the skin unlocked now. :tada:


It works perfectly, Thank you!!!


I’m having the same problem. i when i left the match that unlocked it i got a splash message about it just like other rewards, but it shared the splash with the weekly free icon. i guess the week ended while i was mid-match. i picked my icon, but i never got the opportunity to confirm the nonahkee skin since.
my user id is: 76561197985424870

Hey @MedievalKinevel,

We’ll take a look at your User ID on the server as well. Please understand this may take some time to resolve.

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when completing it, resign on menu option, not exit game without resigning first