Noob question: How to find recorded games of the past

Hi everyone.

I would like to find out if past recorded games of -other- players are available anyhow? I REALLY suck at completely open maps, I get destroyed regardless of civ match up, or any circumstances.

I remember there used to be a really good player mostly using Incas called noboru with a decent strategy for open maps. Does anyone know if such recorded games are obtainable by any means? Or any good videos where I can really observe the build order and strategy?

Thanks in advance. I like this game but I suck so hard on open maps, I really want to improve

Go to someones profile at (Note: Third party site).
You can download the replays from there.

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Thank you so much for the help! I will give that a try :slight_smile:

The in-game recordings only work for the same game version.

For older games, there is a huge amount of content on YouTube, and some great instructional videos. For example, check out HumzaCrumza and Survivalist for two examples of YouTubers who don’t have huge numbers of subscribers, but they have some very good instructional content.