Not able to alter hotkeys in the settings section

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Mac M1 (and Crossover 23.0)

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:point_down: Anyone else witnessing one of the following issues? I regularly have the game freeze or crash when I open ‘Options’ from the main menu, often when I wish to alter hotkeys. Especially changing hotkeys doesn’t work: clicking a certain command automatically makes it select another… Using the up-and-down buttons on the keyboard lets me navigate through the hotkeys overview, but again: pressing on ‘Change selected’ and subsequentially pressing any key makes it jump through that menu again (wrongfully, unintentionally).

I am playing AoE 2 DE on a Apple M1 (OS Ventura 13.4.1) using Crossover 23.0. The previous patch also had some hotkey issues for Mac and Linux users if I am correct…


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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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