Not able to Attack

With any of my soldiers selected, I no longer get a sword when I hover over an enemy. (AoE2DE). Tried repairing and then resetting the game with no benefit. Without the sword, can’t attack at all. So I’m now reinstalling. But I’m wondering if there is a setting I should have changed. But I already tried setting all settings to default without benefit. Ever heard of this? What is the cure, does anyone know?

Do you by any chance have unmarked the checkbox at Two Button Mouse?
If so, enable Two Button Mouse again and your problem is probably solved.

Not sure now, will check for that after the program is reinstalled. I did think of that, but couldn’t find it. Good suggestion and I agree that should work.

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No, two-button mouse was not deselected. Have to disable it now, that helps a lot. Maybe the new update will solve that.