Not all units from HD are in DE despite Dev team saying otherwise

So this may sound silly to most but eh imma put this out there.

Despite statting over and over again in interviews and online post the devs did not port every unit from HD into DE and feel as though I have been lied to.

MY FAV SCENARIO UNIT is completely missing from the game.
The Heavy swordsman aka the broad swordsman from aoe1 the little Greek, spartan looking fellow.

Getting that unit was the reason I purchased forgotten empires and its been completely left out and so far from hours staring at my scenario units list it’s (the only) unit that hasn’t been brought over from HD which is weird considering all they needed to do was port the model from aoe1 de like they did the priest.

Very disappointing as not only was it my fav unit to look it was a staple in custom scenarios my friends and I played regularly and it feels as though we have lost a chunk of the game we loved.

On top of that the optimization for this is absolutely appalling for anyone who doesn’t own a dedicated gaming pc or at the very least a high-end expensive one it can truly run like crap AOE DE 1 runs a billion times better on ultra setting than thins game does on medium and the graphics upgrade from DE 1 TO DE2 IS TINY.
I’m already seeing this game separate the community not bring it together and for this reason, I’m uninstalling and going back to HD which I’m sure will still last decades longer than this jumbled unfinished mess.

I cannot believe how excited is was for this game and the devs can’t even remember to add every unit in let alone optimize the ■■■■ thing.


I concur, this really annoyed me. In fact all three of my favorite units were trashed.

Legionary had it’s design changed entirely. (Although the new design is more accurate historically it was the backup unit incase something happened to the Heavy Swordsman…which ended up happening.)
Heavy Swordsman was removed entirely when it was the central unit in my campaign and no unit has the same aesthetic to replace it.
JUNK is not longer the Aoe 1 trade boat but an Asian boat of sorts. I was using it as a classic era ship, once again not unit has the aesthetic to replace it.

Furthermore, the Iron Ore mine and Ore resource is gone, which is also horrible as you could actually code that resource into triggers and have an additional resource for story reasons unrelated to the four main resources.

Furthermore, the ship corpses from Age of Empires 1 are also missing.
I’m sticking to HD until this is addressed.