Not even 12 FPS when zoomed out

I get not even 12 FPS when zoomed out and 36 FPS when zoomed in.

I have an GTX 1080 and the gpu is maxed out, it runs on 97% but I have low FPS.

I have the latest nvidia drivers and windows 10 1909.

Tried with older nvidia driver same issue persits.

I play on 2560x1440 resolution.

please help guys, I tried the game optimization guide, did not help.


The game Version is 28529

We haven’t gotten any support for more than 2 months :frowning:
There are so many reported bugs and the focus is on AOE2:DE.

thanks for the feedback.
Oh man this is really disappointing, the game is not playable on my PC, the GTX 1080 is at maximum load but I get a minimal FPS, I do not understand whats going on here :frowning:

I have tried all tips from the forums, also tried to reset my OC on the CPU, tried also reinstalling Windows 1909, different Nvidia drivers, running the game in comparability modes, tried the game on my ssd and hdd, same issue nothing helped.

I tried to activate my onboard card and tried the game with it, it runs better 2 FPS, how it can run better on an HD630 then on a GTX 1080? booth cards show ingame very high GPU load.

Other games run fine with my GTX 1080, of course, the onboard card is deactivated in BIOS when using the GTX card.

Developers, please help.