Not getting new taunt?!


even after winning multiple games on on maps with the Hallow’s Hearth biome, I still didn’t get the new Trick or Treat taunt. Am I missing something or is it a bug?


They have been multiplayer matches, correct?

Yes, custom multiplayer matches though. I’m not sure if that makes any difference.

I would assume any multiplayer game would qualify. The blog post did not make any further distinction.

That’s what i thought, too.

I ended up getting the new taunt, however I had to play a 1v1 multiplayer match with a friend. I tried a multiplayer game with a bot and it didn’t give me the achievement.

Of course I also had to have the Hallow’s Hearth biome as well.

Yes, multiplayer means two or more people, not simply two or more players since AI does not count as a person.

that’s odd . I was able to get all but “is that a sheep” and Threatening by playing against ai. Don’t touch it , Don’t get caught and spooky singer are all multiplayer only. Spooky singer even says you need a friend on your team but i completed those three against ai alone. I’m not running mods, tunning packs or crafted maps and was in the Hallow’s Hearth Biome and in custom multi player matches.

I also haven’t been able to complete “Threatening”. I’ve won many 1v1 and team ranked games, as well as custom matches. Only the custom matches have used the specified biome, but the notes explicitly state the achievement can be done on any biome, despite the message. I’m starting to wonder if the achievement cannot in fact be done on any biome :sweat_smile:

This whole event has been iffy. It took multiple attempts to complete some of the challenges, despite appearing to meet the requirements.

For anyone still trying to get it, it eventually worked for me when I did the other challenge to win a 2v2 match with a friend, on the Hallows Hearth biome. Dunno why it finally decided to work then but I’ll take it.

I played it both against ai and also against other players and i have yet to get the achievement. At this point i dont think i will be able to get it before the event ends.