Not Getting PW Reset Email

So like a lot of returning players, I’m also having trouble logging back into my ESO account. I have access to my old email (I know it’s the correct one because I still had old password reset email from years ago for AOE3). For the life of me, I wasn’t able to answer to secret question, but I was able to input my cd key and PID to get a password reset email sent. I know there is no longer support for AOE3 though I was hoping there was some sort of automated email that would just send a link or something. Is there any other way of retrieving my old account? My home town was like lvl 70ish so I don’t want to buy a new copy and deal with all the grinding and registering the new cd key.

If you buy a new copy on steam you don’t need to grind your home city level anymore. If you download the esoc patch, it includes a mod you can use to lvl up all your home cities to lvl 100. For help or more information check out the esoc discord