Not much but a tweet about development


At least we know that they are working on it and they are happy about the dev stage :slight_smile:


I was actually wondering if they were still making this game.


I believe it is on the backburner right now, I am sure development will speed up once their other projects are finished. They had announced it, they will say its canceled if it comes to that.


I’m not sure whether they actually still are.


They announced the game really early, probably too early. Honestly, the best thing to do IMO is just sit back, play other games (or AOE2, if you’re an Age fanatic), and keep a casual eye on AOE news to see when things get exciting. That’s what I’m doing.


Dropping this here peacefully :slight_smile:


But does he have his name on his hoodie? :slight_smile:


No he doesn’t :slight_smile:


@Robeyone! We haven’t seen many locals around these parts in a long time! Glad to see you stopped in!


Twitter CM gives very optimistic answers to all who demand some hint of the game. Hope we will get soon something to calm us down