(Not sure if it's bugged or working as intended) multiple unit types selected and control groups

so in AoE4 on the current patch on steam when i have my whole army selected and tab over to a specific unit type if i try and add just that unit type to a control group it adds all units to the control group so i either have to control click a specific unit add it to a control group and repeat for each unit type, which during intense games is quite apm consuming or just continue tabbing thru my unit types… does the same thing with production buildings, landmarks, etc. if it’s functioning as intended, sorry for the unneeded post just seemed counter intuitive since you can issue commands to the individual unit type seems like you should be able to add it to a group, so i thought i’d report it. if build number or anything else is required to be helpful i will provide it upon request.

It is technically working as intended, but I agree it isn’t ideal. There are a lot of little tweaks we’d love to “fix” or change eventually, but there’s yet no timeline for doing so.

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