Not to be overly pessimistic, but maphacking is here to stay. Explaination&Solution

Back in the old starcraft 2 days, Blizzard used to say things like

“Warden is our new anti-cheat, we banned x amount of players and its working”

Both Starcraft and Age of Empires 4 operate in a similar manner, with most information front loaded onto the client.

Being an avant RTS gamer, i decided i’d test this for myself. Truth be told, i was at a low point in life, and so i decided to see if my losses were due to my incompetence or something else, i tried these cheats that were, at the time, completely free.

For months i enjoyed the ability to see everything my opponent was doing. On several occassions, i could see that my opponent was also partaking in maphacking. You could littterally see where your opponent was looking on the minimap whilst playing.

Over time, i realized one in five, or 20% of my opponents were using maphacks. That’s when i realized that Blizzard had merely been using scare tactics - the so called “warden” never banned anyone from the game. There hadn’t been a single discussion thread about anyone getting banned over the many years of Starcraft.

If we are to expect a future for AOE4. Our only hope is to create a whitelisted community of like-minded players who do not partake in cheating. I know this misses out on the games ranked features, but at the end of the day, this will be the only way to create a fair playing field. Better to do this sooner than wait until the game dies more.

Anyone up to the task?