Not updating the campaigns before Free To Play was a missed opportunity

Historical battles and yes…I directly prefer that they focus on new historical battles and campaigns with the missing DE civs (Incas,Swedes,Italians and Maltese and make them fight against civs from the base game)…I need to say that the Aztecs from the Chinese campaign, they are not Aztecs from the Aztec civilization but Pirates with Aztec buildings…

Yeah, I’ve been aware for a while. I’m sure the original devs did it so players didn’t have to own both expansions, but I really wish FE would have done something about it.

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Yes, I swore we were fighting Aztecs in the Chinese campaign, but they were the native Aztecs from the minor civ, not the Aztec civ as such…


They DID implement the Incas in the Last City of the Inca scenario. However, they did quite a poor job at it.
They removed the Inca Outposts and Temples, despite those being unique assets made specifically for that map, and replaced them with War Huts and Strongholds (dialogue still refers to them as Temples). This also messed up the aesthetic of the map, since they had to modify the terrain to fit those War Huts. The map as a whole lacks polish and is generally inferior to the Legacy version.

When it comes to unique assets, I’m in favor of prioritizing them over newer content.

Regarding New Orleans, the scenario itself (and most Historical Battles) is quite railroaded and restrictive in its mechanics, as the British attack based on triggers instead of being left to the AI’s discretion and supported by an economy. This reduces wiggle room for adjustments compared to the Legacy campaigns.

Yes, the historical battles are what they are and I don’t think they touch them… and the campaigns have to be seen what they do with them…

Oh, that sucks.

Also, about Shadow, I understand why they replaced the Lakota enemies, but what they were replaced with wasn’t well implemented. Maybe it’s easier for more experienced players, but A Reckoning was a nightmare to me.

And about New Orleans, it and U.S.S. Philadelphia are way too hard for me. I gave up on those pretty much permanently.

Honestly, they changed Shadow from an OK Campaign Act to the most agravating and annoying in AoE3, and that was in great part due to the A Reckoning mission becoming even more frustratingly based on RNG than in Legacy.
I’ve managed to beat New Orleans on Moderate after a few tries and Burning of USS Philadelphia on Standard.

Yes, I passed New Orleans with 3 settlers and without TC xd… it took me about 2 hours, that’s right…