Notes/Requests on increasing the ease of Modding

The re-setup of my Historical Accuracy mod is officially underway, inbetween my studies, flying and exams I have eventually decoded all the steps I have to follow in order to re-setup my mod to work with the latest updates.
I have finished my Byzantine Units.

Request for the devs:
1.If you decide to add a postfix requirement for every unit name (_x1) or conduct any alterations required to mod civ sprites in AGE, would you please be so kind as to add this to the Modding section of the patch notes?

  1. A lot of the AOE2 community would enjoy having accurate civ specific sprites for each unit, I would love if we get an optional Visual update to the game ,giving each and every civ historically/culturally accurate unit sprites , if we can get this as standard in game ,then I won’t have to spend time modding my game. Thus I’d much rather pay to buy a visual dlc or buy new civ DLCs with civ sprites added (For instance a Caucasus DLC with Armenian and Georgian Civs + units + Architecture as well as Byzantine units + Architecture. ) than to have to set up my mod each time the game gets an update.

Thank you.