November 2017 Submission Thread!

My favourite character is one form AOE II The Conquerors. To be more specific, the jaguar.
You will find pictures i took below. As the jaguar is a shy creature I waited untill midnight to take the picture. To be even more sure not to startle the animal I turned off the flash off my camera. Below are a full frontal picture, a side view and also a rear view so you guys can appreciate the beauty of this animal.

I love the ballista elephant. It is my favourite unit. They are bulky and lethal, an army of those elephants can inspire panic and fear among enemies. With the high hp of the elephant and the destructive power of the ballista, this unit has the perfect combination to raze entire empires.

A fierce fight

My draw

I remember me, as a 10 years old boy, discovering both Age of empires II and videogames for the first time.
I played with every civilization and spend a lot of time with the custom editor. One hero caught my attention : Gengis Khan.

A powerful one, lots of HP, great attack, and archer. Who is this guy ? Why I never heard of him in my history lessons ? So I’ve done some researches.
There was no Wikipedia back in the day (RIP Microsoft Encarta), so I read and watch lots of stuff about Gengis Khan that I could find on libraries, documentaries or anything else. There my love for military history begin. Beginning by the Mongol Empire, I was interesting afterward by Alexander The Great, the Roman Empire, Napoleon (of course as a French :slight_smile: ), history of Japan, The Art of War by Sun Tzu and more and more other heroes and civilizations.
The figurine below was a gift from a close friend on my 20 yo anniversary. I spoke probably a lot (too much ? ^^) of my passion with him.

And the last picture, who is this little cat watching an AoE game ? It’s mine of course, named… Gengis :slight_smile:

BEHOLD! The glorious, powerful, and downright awesome TEUTONIC KNIGHT!

My Favourite Unit is the Cataphract of Age of Empires II HD

The Cataphract is very useful for fast aid defense when you are being attacked by infantry, most mounted units and especially siege units, it becomes even more powerful once you develop the unique technology that gives them trample effect that makes it very useful even if you are fighting many units at once, its capable of surviving even some of the most challenging battles if you use it correctly.

I love using them when I attack with siege weapons, because the Cataphract being a cavalry unit, can move faster to save any flank of the army that is vulnerable, and can counter most units quite effectively, except when there are too many archers attacking them, but overall I like the special features this unit has and its representation of the Historical Mark left by the Byzantine Empire.

Choose my favorite was very difficult, so I choose one per game XD, in the original age was the priest (stealing units), in the second one was the Teutonic Knight (they kill paladins like flies), in mythology the titans :3, and in AOE III the Muskeeters.

Created this for fun already in February but it fits here - The 5-Headed Beauty :smile:

Let’s appreciate the 5-headed beauty - she’s rare, but all the more gorgeous when she finally joins the battlefield. Hydra in her full glory is every Greek player’s wet dream <3

This feisty gal made an appearance in the No Patch Tournament match between HerroOP and Magic

My favorite unit for AOE2 the Forgotten is the Elite Kamayuk, because is the only unit which has a long pike and can stop cavalry at narrow passages, like bridges.

Elite Kamayuk