Now fast Beta test!


From the XboxEra podcast.

It turns out that the video we saw on April 10, 2021 is several months old.
that everything is being worked on and constantly being improved.

Scenes from fan preview don’t show the current state of developement, they improved arrows and other things since then. They keep improving the graphics until release.
Scaling & proportions: He saw the elephants memes on reddit and they’ll make proportions more realistic, but as I understand it units will remain overproportional. Adam says you can use mods, if you want more realistic proportions.
There will be many zoom options.
They want to make the game playable on all computers.
The main focus is on PC, so it won’t come out for Xbox for the time being, but maybe later.
They’ll reveal more things later this year.
He’s very confident about Relic Entertainment and the future of Age of Empires.
He got it, that fans like to have a new Age of Mythology game.
Aoe4 is a game for everyone from all over the world
No final release date for Aoe4.
He read all the other questions and is aware of the complaints
There’ll be some settings to make the game looking like you want (colors, brightness…)

So now a quick Beta test, let the players catch it. And hopefully we’ll see only nice things.

Because time is running out … it will be May in a while and Beta is not running yet …


I didn’t know you already knew the release date… Time is not running out, they still have enough to work on it, and just in case, it’s not a problem if they postpone the release date (also since there isn’t an official one yet)

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Personally, I hope that the developers will have time to fix the game and release it this fall, as planned

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