Now that Age Of Empires II and Age Of Empires IV coming to Consoles and what are your thoughts? Future possible Android ports?

We know that we are going to have exclusive QoL features to console players. What all of you think about it?

Let’s say in future, these QoL features actually served its purpose and we are having same level of skill level between console players and PC players (i doubt it personally) then what would you think and what’ll happen if AOE2:DE gets ported to android as well.

So as a PC player, will Android players be too annoying to deal with lets say with inferior skill level or even with superior skill level thanks to QoL features. Will cross platform features will make things “very cheating” or it’ll bring a skill level where players can never reach the level of pro players out there?

What’s your thoughts about this?

Maybe a tablet pen will help in pin pointing some commands. I don’t think finger touch screen can ever play something as complex as age of empires.

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We were wrong about games like PUBG. Despite devastating advantage PC players has, we still see PUBG mobile being good enough for tournaments nowadays.

I want that controller support for the steam version of AoE2, if it’s console only that would be super awful.