Now that Joan is a civ

How about changing the playable civilization in the Desperation chapter of The Hundred Years War to her own civ?

The reason for asking is pretty simple - replace civs with more appropriate civs when latter are introduced.

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I think the same. Good idea.

In fact I think the only other examples where it would apply would be the Mongol campaign at the levels where you fight Hungary and Poland, and the Russian campaign level where you fight Lithuania. If they add those civs in a future DLC it would be interesting if they could also put them with their own unique units in the campaign.

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There’s a precedent. In AoE 2 (DE) they did this.

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Probably won’t happen. As I recall, the civs they have in the campaign aren’t exactly the same as the civs they have in skirmish games. For example, the English campaign uses the Normans. AoE2 replaces civs in campaigns. AoE4 will likely leave the civ choices (and tech trees) unchanged.