Now that the classifications of treaties are personalized, can you add a button that allows you to select a wall limit?

Now that the Treaty classifications are personalized in the room where one can choose which treaty time he wants and at the same time modify ages, resources, commercial monopoly and Shipment block, can a limit of walls be added?

and how would you implement that?

it just seems like an impossible task to implement.

Why would it be impossible? if this game already has a limit of constructions of detachments, walls, units, villagers, natives and priests, I can name a lot more but there is no need

Why do you need a wall limit?

yes but for a wall limit you have to make it plastic, on some maps 1000 might be more than enough while on others it would be crippling.

you are also likely going to increase the skill difference of walling with and without pillars. adding an option to edit the amount of walls per player just creates more issues than it solves.

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Well, it would be great if the desired amount of wall could be printed, but I do not think it is possible because it has not been implemented beyond the name of the room, but the reasonable thing would be to determine an average range so that people do not reach beyond doing 4 walls stacked in front, so that it covers the entire base by 4 rows, but there also has to be more options to declare, either less or more. I don’t know what makes you think the impossible of doing that…