Now that there will be a ton of new units, clear roles

Please devs, make clear all the tags in the units (Musket Infantry, Rifle Infantry, etc.) and even add a line in the description: Musket infantry good against…

Also the description of the hussar it says that it’s light cavalry.


Is that still not fixed? That’s really gotta be the worst unit description in the game, wrongly claiming it’s a completely different type of unit in the counter system.


They are light cavalry as compared to true heavy cavalry: lancers, cuirassiers, mahout, mameluke, elmeti and the like.

light cavalry has been renamed “light ranged cavalry” personally I call dragoons and the like ‘counter-cavalry’

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Is there a reason why dragoons and the like are not just called ranged cavalry and hussars melee? Seems it would make things simpler for new players to understand.

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AoE3 definitely has to improve it’s icons.
It took me way to long to understand what they are for. I sometimes still hover over it to make sure.
Also the spacing, it’s not clear if the number applies to the icon in front of after it.

Also please add a tag for Archers/Skimishers like light infantry because there are quit a number of unit that have bonus damage against them but need two modifires (bonus damage against all infantry and than reduced damage against heavy infantry) just causing confusion.


‘Ranged cavalry’ tag also include hackapelit, Harqbusier the new ethopian cavalry and I think meteor hammers. It’s so they get buffed by ranged cavalry carousel and the swedish team card.

There is a ‘hand cavalry’ tag and a ‘heavy cavalry’ tag but the only one that has one but not the other is rifle rider.

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Ah yea that makes sense.