Now We need great quality control not a new campaign, Civs etc

I will write down just little What I want… cuz I felt aoe4 can’t be pop but they have resolution.
AOE2 also should be more great regardless of aoe4 release

Improving UI & UX

  • Changing pop-up chat into in game-display (Why do we see pop-up when we chat in game?)
  • F10 - In Statistic - go to replay(record) → needless
    And we need realtime updating statistics.
  • hotkey display not a description
  • In-game, Lobby, after, befre playing menu, allow to add friends
  • Change Stupid Move pointer ( 4 Red arrow cross when we click destination of units moving)
    it should be more quickably. now I need to wait 2seconds to check whether i clicked right or not.

DLC for Units and Building skins by their uniqueness(Civs)

  • Each civs skin work would be very effective
  • I don’t know why Devs call just 150MB files “DLC”
    Devs, now, U guys are not modders like before u were ^^
    please do more hard and complecated work.

Match making improvement (Dodge problem)

  • Classify or Rating system by maps or themselvs types.
    ex) Open map, Closed map, Hybrid map, Water map etc
    or make rating system by each map → it can be useful to decrease “Dodge”
  • Please allow to party-chat before Match maded
  • Team surrender for preventing early quit players
    (by adding this, we can make any rules that early quitter are who quit before team-surrendered, and the standard provides us with good reason to give penalty to them)

In-game play

  • Give instant turn-on-off of HP Bar during playing display not in Option Menu
    I think give us selection for hotkey or Alt-Key → transition of Turning-on-off HP Bar
  • Dismantle of formation
    Please!!! give us new formation (dismantle) to fight smartly when we need!!
  • Production Cancel hotkey not a Clicking
    ( u guys looked like really stupid when you updated this only possible to click. )
  • Sound&Effect&Motion Sync of Melee unit(infantry and cavarly) so many of them have
    different time.
    make all of melee units attack(effect), sound and act(motion) at the same time
    (i dont wanna write in detail. cuz it is really just basic of developing game.
    to pro level it make infinite micro war but i dont wanna give u real example of pro gamers
    in korea SC. cuz it is just your work )

Spectator MODE

  • Making newable spectation UI. Do your job devs, don’t make inappreciate relation.
    It’s very easy work. but u guys leave on purpose to do share market with whom
    like “CA” Team, who most likely
    these kinds of basic and easy work should be your work.
    NOW AOE2 have very strage and stupid CA mod
    Game is still running + CA also running (WHAT A STUPID ■■■■ SITUATION???)
    Spectator should be play in game for users have just not high performance computer
    DO NOT give outsource work to CA Team. UNDERSTAND??
  • allowing to chat during spectator mode between spectators.

Spectator MODE and Lobby Search

  • Devs dont understand the reason why we need “Search match” to spectate.
    If we wanna spectate my friends game, we just search.
    But most of people don’t have friends and high scored users.
    And Don’t know who is. So we cannot “Search” specific ID in the Search bar of multi Lobby.
    what is mean? the “spectate match search” system should give road to high scored users’s match.
    it means in the lobby. we can order by avg-score(2~8player’s avg) and let people can spectate high scored matchs to learn or just enjoy the game.
    Now the spectator Lobby is very very useless. because nobody knows which game is enjoyable, learnable and watchable.

Please think every system of this game why it is existed, added. ok?
In Voobly, Why people ask spectator system? why over 500people can spectate viper’s match? how it is posslbe? cuz lobby give people information of ongoing match(-> and people can choose).
Now You modders maded stupid lobby nobody use. only People who know pro’s ID can use. and they always turn on “Twitch” to check whether their PRO started game or now. cuz of stupid Lobby system.

New game type (About EW)

  • POP 10 or 15 mod to decrease game time
    Actully basic buildorder of AOE2 very same before pop 10~15.
    We can replace and decrease game time but POP 28 EW game type sometimes… seems
    just Feudal Death macth not good as strategy game.
    Please suvery and analyze AOE2 build order
    And make new game type not to decrease game time but to save existed build order.
    the best starting point is pop 10~15 and not likely POP 28 EW my think.
    but POP 28 are somtime very suitable for closed map
  • And like BF(half), Arena, fortress(walled maps) → should move to EW or Added to EW.
    Closed maps , contrastively, don’t need full feudal rush
    so they are very suitable for EW gametype. → it can be useful to decrease “Dodge”
    Current EW → Straight attack → just stressful to walled instantly. why do we have to wall just after starting the game? → Trash game → the one who plan this mode is 100% idiot.
    ^^Please change it to Darkage-pop 15.

We need great quality control of game.
Our AOE2 modders made 150MB expansions many times to earn money too easily
Sadly, that’s may be all what they can do cuz they hired many their friends.

Anyway We need quality control.
UI, UX, Graphics, Programming, not age2 in game forder’s the Genie editor modders


I’d still like to see new civ DLCs.


yes. ofcourse! me too! but now priority.

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Absolutely not a fan of unit skins for each civ. If it happens it should be client side only. It also should not be thst high of a priority. Bug fixes, alt f4 problem, ladder fixes and balance are all higher priority to me then making thr game look nice. the visuals have always been similar because it helps with readability, changing that for everyone fundamentally changes the nature of the game.


Unique architecture sets, at least unique castle sets, may be fine.

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yes, that would be okay, because buildings all follow the same type of layout. a barrcks looks like a barracks no matter what.

but if i got a dude with a sword and a shield, how do i know if that’s a longsword, or some civs unique unit without clicking on it?
now imagine there is 39 civs with unique Long sword skins.

this is why unit skins should purely be client side only.


Spirit of the Law made a video last year showing 3 similar cannons in AoE3 which end up dealing very different damage bonuses.
Then you loose all confidence in the quick glimpse to gather information : This is what we must avoid at all costs and differentiating units for cosmetic purposegoes this way

3:46 AoE2 vs AoE3: Why is AoE2 more popular? - YouTube


they dont need a whole new dlc to do these stuffs… they can just do it in regular update

Yes But Skin mod → can select installtion or not

dont worry. people only install what they want

This is only partially true :sweat_smile:

Better keep it as a mod then, not official content.

Much better if official.

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I personally would like Unique castles for every civs and 4 or 5 unit skins sets, one for western europe, one for eastern europe(optional), one for east and central asia, one for middle eastern and África and one for the américas

It probably won’t happen but with some rules it can be easy to identify the units.

For example:
Light cav should never have shields, while heavy cav should carry shields. Camels, well, they always ride a camel.

But there are 2 great challenges for unit skins

  1. I think You can easilly identify You are facing heavy cav, but it won’t be so easy to know if they are knights or paladines
  2. Is a lot of work to model too many units and may not worth it

Again. Not against unit skins but they should be client side only.

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They Blocked me

If you stopped personally attacking the developers, you might have gotten a better response.

Forgotten Empires, the team that is actively working on this, IS essentially a modder team fiddling with an old game system. Microsoft saw people modding their game, saw it was popular and legitimized it. They dont necessarily choose any of the dated game functionality, but adapt what they already had.

Everything we see for AoE2:DE is glorified “mods”, if you want to look at it that way. Alternatively, it’s continued life for our beloved game. Look at it in whatever lense you choose, but dont be surprised when your negative tone gets the bonk.

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I dont understand why did they just work for new 150MB files not a fixing many problems reported from this forum.

That’s why I attacked them.

You should answer to contents of reply.
this is not community between friends.

For better AOE2, now debate is necessary cuz our devs are not good at fixing many problem.

If you dont show respect, you wont receive a (constructive) response. Human interactions 101. Please reevaluate your stance before continuing.

What 150 mb files you talk about, the new dlc had a size more than 1.6 GB. So don’t know from where you got the 150 MB size.