Nuggetmods.xml Issues

Not sure if this belongs here or in the Bug Report subforum, but I figured I’d start it here to be safe.

As of the current version of the game, the nuggetmods.xml file does not seem to add the custom nuggets to the game. They will appear in the final nuggets.xml in the TEMP folder when additive mod output is enabled, but they cannot be selected by RMS-placed nuggets or selected from the Treasure Editor in the Scenario Editor.

Related concerns:

  • Does the maptypemods.xml work? It seems to add to the maptypes.xml file properly and works with mapspecifictechs.xml edits, but the new maptypes don’t appear to be selected for nugget generation.
  • Since nuggets are defined without a name or ID in the base node, is it even possible to modify or remove nuggets from the base game using nuggetmods.xml? As far as my testing can tell, one has to entirely replace the nuggets.xml to edit or remove existing nuggets.