Number one feature request: do not select scouts with Select all Military button

Number two feature request: treat council hall as an archery range for select all archery ranges hotkey


Wait, how do you select all military?

I already made that request, it only recognizes the cavalry school as a stable

Also please don’t put the dock to military buildings… so annoying when you rally your fishing boats into nothingness.


Ctrl+Shift + C or how you mean that ?

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I was hoping they would reply to us on the bugs before tomorrow, I wouldn’t want to wait a month to fix that as it doesn’t seem that complicated

I’m glad other people are having the same issue. I just created a post on it.

Also do not select religious units with select all military


Yes, very much this. Even if you make religious units primarily for combat, youd wouldnt want them attack moving into the enemy regardless. These two issues are literally my only remaining complaints with this game.

Actually… one more. Adding house of wisdom to one of the building selects, such as upgrades or techs :slight_smile:

i can see wanting scouts and monks included personally; scouts for rushing siege, and monks for healing.

would be nice to have a separate keybind that excludes them though.

Having prelates included when they are carefully positioned to buff your eco is a headache.

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Scouts and monks should not be selected with the shortcut select all military units. Please exclude scouts and monks from the shortcut.

So true, all that ■■■■ so annoying and disorienting…

It would be wonderful to even have several “select all army” hotkeys, each with it’s own customizable unit type filter.

+1 To option for scouts not included in select all military.

+1 To option for docks not included in select all military production buildings.

Plenty of support for these in this reddit thread too.

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guess they just dont care us wish~~