Numbers indicating shifted commands are poor

There is a new feature in 7694700, Numbers are printed at each locations of a shifted command. This can be useful, but is has some drawbacks:

  • The same font/size/color is used as in command groups. Groups and shifted commands are indistinguishable.
  • It creates a mess under the tc.
  • Numbers are not close to a shifted unit, the shifted unit is hard to indentify.
  • If a shifted unit, e.g. a sheep, is moved, the number will not move.

E.g. in this picture, the number 2 is assigned to the sheep under the tc, but it’s closer to the sheep standing next to the tc.
Note that i use slightly bigger control group numbers, because i use 1440p.

What are your thoughts?

The mess of numbers under the TC must be a representation of the thought process of villagers when they go out of their way to kill several sheep except the one you shift queued 11


I’m trying to get the number with shift but it doesn’t work, strange… regicide italian party vs IA 1440p.

Edit : The number is too damn small

Really don’t get the utility of this feature…

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