Nutritionists... Ingest a broad variety of foods?

When we are young, parents say “ingest a broad variety of foods”
Yes. there are reason for it.
a broad variety is right? Is it problem of “Diversity”?

No. it’s not.

Cuz it’s for our health.

In AOE2, too many users are suffering from “The diversity”
Some of minor taste say “You should do a variety of maps”
“Cuz it is for AOE2 Community”

But for what? Why the diversity of maps give people happy?
Some of viewers of streamers can be.
But Game should be thought for “Real users” first.

It is “Players”
Even If there were Invisible hands of map selection, Yes we know SC1 and Voobly, So people play only 1 map. It is okay. cuz it is what people demand.
It’s not food, We don’t have to “ingest a broad variety of foods”. No reason!

And there are solution of this problem.


We can see whole map list and use it as Positive list system.
By doing so we can play whatever we want (put on the list)
and don’t play whatever we don’t want.

Please don’t ask us and treat us as “Nutritionists”