Objective UI should be reworked this way


Should be changed to this to take less space on the screen


Doesn’t it portray capture state? How would you show that for more than one at once?

you could have a shorter bar below each one. I jsut think this areas takes too much of the sccreen

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or delete that ui that is unecessary for 1v1 which can be displayed on pause menu… oh w8 it dont lol

Why is a game displaying objectives at all?? Objectives should be known OR!!! There should be an option to remove winning condition and I agree with a minimal sacred site notifications. OR They should have an small objective tab top left where “Destroy all enemy landmarks; or build a wonder or control all sacred sites” are each hidden under the objective tab with only the check boxes of the sacred sites are the only things NOT hidden. And if one wants to see the objectives they can click it to open up the conditions. Also Wonder victory will display automatically once someone builds a wonder. No reason to be wasting so much space on the screen.

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I would minimize all that space