Observation bug

When you’re observing an ongoing game the fast forward functionality often doesn’t work when you come in when the game has been going on for a while. You’ll press the button to fast forward to the live time and all it does is make the animation jerky and skip frames while seemingly still going at 1x speed despite telling you it’s at 8x. Please fix?

A gif is probably a very poor way to show this off, apologies. Anyway if you go and look you can see it’s noticeably slower than doing 8x speed on a replay of an old game.

This is because you can’t follow live, which is good for streamers.
This is not a bug, it is intended and smart.
It’s a build in 5 minutes delay, which you try to bypass by speeding up, where it stutters on the 5 minute border.

(So opponents cant tune in on their own game looking at their opponent on a second screen.)

Yes but in this case I was 30 minutes behind and couldn’t fast forward.

Thank you @MISTERSMELL! We’ll investigate.

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