Obsidian Arrows for Saracens

Guys, Don’t kill me. But I think saracens should get obsidian arrows with their team bonus. There might be a balance change somehow. But Imagine those rocket launchers 11

No pls no
Archers aren’t designed to tear down buildings, that’s the work of Siege Weapons and Elephants.
Also you said obsidian arrows effect right, wtf imagine Chu Ko Nu, Longbow and Plumed Archer tearing down buildings lol, is beyond broken.

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There is a reason that the original obsidian arrows was removed. Giving it as a team bonus is going to break everything. People will just pick Saracens on team games, or have 3 Saracens and 1 Briton, and you end up with Longbows doing massive bonus damage against buildings and tearing down castles.

Two or more of the same civilization’s team bonuses do not stack, by the way.

Imagine if they did though. And even still.