October 1 stream talk

I enjoyed watching the stream chat and the gift.

I was sad to hear these game breaking news:

  • Stone wall are ment to slow down enemy and only siege weapon can attack, just enouf time to give a warning, at a higth stone cost, compare to wood wall that allows any unit to attack it.
  • Each empire is as much asymetrique has possible, to each other empire, to allow every empire to be equal in figth.

Too bad there is no hill bonus. Why can’t they make this feature optional in pve? Why sacrifice all the fun for pvp? If there is no hill bonus, why make the hill so amazing in aoe4?

PS what happen to the bonfire of the longbow?why the player don’t research this op tech? Is this tech still there?


Yes, no hill bonus is a huge bummer.


I don’t understand this, they could have tweaked map generation instead of removing it almost entirely 11.


What stream chat and gift?

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Archers dont hit from further away, they just have longer vision if up on a hill, thats all.

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So all those beautiful hills and mountains have no strategic importance–what a wasted opportunity. The reason they give for no hill bonus makes little sense. Even if they can’t make every map gen perfectly equal for all players all the time then so what? Dealing with variously (un)favorable maps (as long as the difference is not too crazy) makes the game more interesting. And your not stuck with one “bad” map gen forever–just play more games, in the end it will all average out.


tbh hill bonus hasn’t been things for long time. does even AoM have it?

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why cant they just make map “predictable”.
Aoe2 have Hill generation in RMS.

Why the hills even needed…without bonuse…but obviously it should not be +25% bonus as aoe.
can be speed/range for arrows…etc

did u want to say. Sc2 dont have it, so it’s outdated mechanic? (Even if u did not want, i helped others sc2 funs. )


It is a huge thing. It an important feature in aoe2. I don’t remember if there is hill bonus in aoe3 but in aoe3 you can use a cannon to blow units off the hill.

Again, it is totally fine to me the devs want an absolute fair pvp game which eliminates all randomness . But why can’t they make a button to allow pve players to play hill defense?

I find these “fair game” arguments are just excuses for not having this complicated mechanism in the first place.


Any map special feature is being dump into trash, so the precious normal units balance don’t be affected.

i was wondering wy each empire where the exact same.
But now i know it was intentional and each new empire dcl will be the same.

Any normal unit will be stronger then the special civilization unit, for equal figth in game.
It take skill to give a unique downgrade to each empire and call it unique to each civilization.

It is like playing a chess game whit only pions and the game board is only a big square.


And you are right, no complex mechanic were introduced. Other complex mechanics were removed.
they could work with mechanics and make them fun & good… but to remove is easier.


Removing core mechanics is not good… it makes the game more casual.

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I believe no age game has had hill bonuses since AoE2. It’s interesting to see people genuinely believe that Relic removed this feature. It hasn’t existed for 20 years. However, I look forward to hearing that hill bonuses are the reason AoE2 is so popular. I can then add that to my list.


It was mentioned in the stream by the devs, they removed it after internal testing because of the map generation creating unfair advantages for players.


If you take something away, you need to give something back.

I never notice there is no hill bonus in aoe3 because I’m busy play with the cannon and the cards.

What new mechanism aoe4 is trying to provide? No hill, no ballistics, no cannon bowling. Vision and wall seem to be the substitutions but not very inspiring so far.


Castles being build in front of each other… meh boring mechanic (design flaw) from age2, again in 2021 castles throwing arrows to other castles, how stupid is that, also the English landmark using a arrows marching gun, how imbalance is that thing! is that an MG42? jaja

Min 46, this is the worst implementation in an RTS 2 super defensive buildings hitting each other I don’t see the fun on that, that’s purely to satisfy age2 players. Adam Isgreen mentioned game is focusing on historical accuracy… lol

There is also another thing I really dislike, siege weapons are too big, they produce a lot of pathfinding issues because of it’s size and since they are unmanage they look pretty ugly, if you are going to keep unmanage sigue at lest reduce it’s size.


Hill bonuses in age ll is no that well implemented it it would have been fun in age IV since relic is using essence engine truesight, you have cav charge also so it would fit more in age IV.


Umm, there is a hill bonus - it’s vision/line of sight. It will be a significant bonus for any ranged units or towers attacking.

Hill bonuses are the reason AoE2 is so popular. I hope they bring it back.