Odd thing about War Elephants

Noticed a while ago in an old video that the stats of the war elephant were higher than expected:

Take note of the statsheet at the very beginning of this vid. Specifically the attack speed and value of the elephant tusk attack and the movespeed - they are 1.38, 80 (+3), and 1.31, respectively.

I checked in game that the ele stats are still the same as ever; 1.00 movespeed, 30 base tusk attack, 2.88 attack speed.

The tests in the video are on the secret test server. Anyone on the inside know if there are war ele buffs on the horizon? Or is this just some kind of mod the editor forgot to trun off, or smth like that?

Aside, if these stats are indications for an upcoming ele buff, how big of a deal do y’all think they are? Assuming this is what I hope it is, I personally think it would be enough to put war eles in the high B, low A tier zone - the dps works out to 60 and then 20 when corrected for popspace - thats pretty dang good as a baseline. More than that though, the move speed boost is huge - it can let eles actually chase down ranged infantry and siege that dont have a frontline. Might not beat them xbows or hc’s in a critical mass, but the threat now exists.

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All melee (except camel riders and scouts) have an attack charging animation that adds 0.31 tiles/s movement speed; also all melee cavalry except horseman/spahi and (again) camel riders and scouts have a charging dmg attack.

War elephants will remain niche; useful only in force melee engagements with cav and soft counter bunched up light range.

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