Official AoE2 Stats Page is out of date

The official stats page (Age Of Empires II: DE Global Stats – Age of Empires) which shows the Victory Rate and Popularity of civilizations across the various game modes is out of date. It is missing all 4 of the DLC civilizations: Burgundians, Sicilians, Bohemians, and Poles.

I was looking for an up-to-date source for this information for low-Elo team games, since the fan site which contains this information (aoestats - Age of Empires II Civilization Statistics) also is out of date and hasn’t been updated in 6 months.

Hi @TheBattlizer !

Thanks reaching us and reporting this issue related with civilizations in the website, we are now tracking this issue ( ^∇^)

try age-of-statistics

this one is up to date and very informative, you can select a lot of different info in dropdowns

At some point in the past few weeks, the original issue was fixed. :slightly_smiling_face: However, it appears that the webpage (Age Of Empires II: DE Global Stats – Age of Empires) has stopped working again as of around a week ago. :slightly_frowning_face: Instead of showing the Play/Win rates and filters like normal, it now shows the leaderboard instead.

If you load the page you’ll see the expected page start to load before switching to the leaderboard results. Screenshotted is how far the page progresses into showing the global stats before switching to the leaderboard results. If needed, you can see it in Chrome Dev Tools by messing around with the internet connection speed or Performance panel.

Hi @TheBattlizer !

Can you check if you still have this issue today?

The issue is still occurring even after I clear my browser’s cache, try opening the page in Chrome’s Incognito mode, or open the page on my phone.

Oh I have seen the issue now!

Thanks, we are now tracking it ^-^

Does it work now? (20 characters)

Yes it’s working again.

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Hello there! This issue seems to have reappeared, this time affecting the new Indian civs. For the first couple of weeks I could see my victories with Dravidians, Bengalis or Gujaras, but for the last two weeks I haven’t been able to see either of them in the list. Hindustanis appear as “Indians” though.

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Thanks @Kactuzz4794 ! I will let my team know this ^^

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What about now? Does it show the new civs?

Yes! The new Indian civs are showing.


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