Official Definitive Edition Hotkey issues

Definitive Edition hotkey came with nice grid based hotkey set. It is better than HD Hotkeys not gonna lie. But there are some issues that needs to be addressed.

  1. In grid based hotkeys Go To Town Center button is quite far from finger’s reach. Earlier ‘H’ button was designed for Villager ‘C’ button instead. For classical approach it is good but in grid manner it is quite far away.
    Solution: Change hotkey H to Tab button. Tab + Q is much better than H + Q
  2. Idle villagers hotkey remained unchanged over years. It is using ‘,’ to find idle villager. Finding idle villagers is necessary part of the game and this grid layout causing the same problem as well.
    Solution: Change hotkey ‘,’ to ‘~’ or space instead.
  3. I know that in my suggestion go to selected unit button is space. If idle villager is used by space then it causes conflict. It really isn’t used much but some does do.
    Solution: Change hotkey Space to Mouse Middle Button. 1 + Middle Button is much easier to jump and select. But at the end most player double taps 1 instead.
  4. Go to last notification is really used by none. In the sea of chat notifications you can’t really see the notification.
    Solution: Even so if that does matter game already offers home button. Secondary button can be left for assignable.

Here are my thoughts on official hotkeys. Official hotkeys offers grid layout hotkeys. But in the end every player is forced to change it. Hopefully game developer will see the thread and actually do something about it. I could’ve went on about Go to X building hotkeys but I mentioned the trivial ones.

I use it a lot. I also prefer if current hotkeys will remain as they are

In the sea of notification not that helpful but still I hope it gets switched to something else. Like said main hotkeys are too much far too reach. For standard grid layout main hotkeys like Go To TC, idle vils are too far to reach. Those are ideal for classical hotkeys but not for new ones.