Official statement about reconnect?

Is it planned? Do devs know this exists in other games? Is it just a “no, will never come” ? I can’t find something official about this.


… since old enginie. We do not want them to mess with that code, they will break the whole game attempting to do that

But there’s no official statement to that?

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They kind of never give such official statements.

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There is no official statement, the devs never communicate with us, because they are sooooooo soooooooo soooooo “busy”. It won’t ever be implemented, because it “takes” time and energy, which opposes new stuff.
We got 4 civs on Voobly, with a new architecture, 1 more campaign, reworking the meta including water balance, proper bonuses, new terrain, trees and animals, now: 2 courtyards, no new architecture, no exotic civs, double the price, no big balance changes (like Fire Galleys, Demo Rafts, Camel Rework), still no mod support, stupid profile icons, no new terrain, bushes, trees or animals and stupid unique techs.

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It literally worked on Voobly and so it should work on DE. But you know, sadly we have the wrong ones in charge


yeah i wonder about this kind of stuff, like company of heroes is much smaller, but every time they balance anything nevermind the patch notes, they actually explain why things are changing(like no one knows why tatar lost their feudal sheep and kept the double boom sheep, instead of just dropping it to 1 sheep), what they are looking at in the future and of course release a beta of the patch every single time for people to try out before it’s officially implemented, and im sure their team is tiny compared to aoe2…

i think its literally a case of “well we dont care”

imo its not a huge issue, but it would be cool if they were at least a little more communicative, nevermind all the agony that wouldve been spared if there had been a beta patch… omg the walllsss :rofl:

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I don’t think its mainly devs’ fault (ofc the bugs are their fault), the communication is mainly tied up with MS NDA policies I guess. Wish they could communicate more with us to explain the bugs.

It looks like they have officially stated they are working on a way to reconnect!

  • Unable to Reconnect: We are working on a solution in addition to improvements to ensure that players can quickly and easily reconnect to their games when they disconnect or drop due to a network or Xbox Live issue. We hear you and recognize the frustration this can cause.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Hotfix 45185 - Age of Empires

Nice, can’t wait and am very curious how they will handle it. E.g. will there be a forced pause when one dcs and how long that will be.

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