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Is there a place to discuss or send suggestions that will be actually read?
I’m not sure if this has been discussed already but i’ve something to say about naval transportation and island focused maps. Right now this kind of map is overlooked on by the community in aoe2 and erven more in aoe3. The main issue is that moving an army is largely seen as an inconvenience that requires too much attention and time.
A solution would be assigning to some ships a “transport enabled” mode (you can turn that on-off for individual ships). When you task an army to move to a land across water, both enough transport enabled ships to pick up that army (only ones not currently engaged in combat, and sorted in preference by distance), and the selected army, will move to a shore point, automatically load on the ships, the ships automatically move to a landing shore, unload the army, then go back to where they were before they started the operation; the army will then proceed to the target place.

I’ve seen this one in two grand strategy games: Europa Universalis 4 and Imperator: Rome - implemented exactly like you said. This would spare a lot of time and boring micro, which is good for me.
I can’t see this happening in AOE2 ou AOE3, tho. But having this in AOE4 is a must in my opinion.

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This forum is precisely where players should put suggestions.

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i sincerely hope this is listened to then, cause it’s really sad that the majority of players refuses to play water-centered maps when it can be easily solved.

Do we have any info about the setting of the game?

Since the topic is called suggestions, something that I don’t* want to see, is the multiplayer and the social aspect of the game to be neglected.

AoEO was great at that, and although the game won’t be called online this time, online multiplayer is where it’s at. You can’t rely on the singleplayer experience today like 10-20 years ago.
And of course I want Co-op missions/campaign.

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I also want them to work on and to improve diplomacy. Diplomacy games where you pay tribute, make secret alliances and so on, are really fun to play in AoE.