Oh no, Another Priest

The last thing you want to run into is a group of defended priests. :confused:


Priests are a pain in the @$$. Probably the best way to finish them off would be using heavy catapults to attack ground near or on top of their heads.

The problem is that, those catapults could get converted, which would mean loss of resources, and potentially at least one valuable unit killed from your team.


Here’s a bit of advice, never play against the Choson in a skirmish if your civ can’t handle monks, I once lost tons of Cataphracts, Centurions and Stone Throwers all at once because they were all converted by the Choson.


I think Egyptian priests with 16 range are more terrifying.


The worst part about enemy priests is that they never need to sing their WOLOLO mantra entirely to convert a unit. You hear WOLO- and it is done. I swear that my priests always seem to took longer to convert an unit that the AI’s ones!

I am not sure, but I think the reason you hear half wololoo sometimes when you lose your unit is because game is trying to tell you that you lost a unit to conversion, when you are actually doing something else.


Yeah, it is more of a notification than it is an environmental sound effect, similar to the notification that plays when own units are taking damage.