Okay refund option?

I have enough, i try now since 3 hours and i cannot even download the game.
There is no Support or anythink else.

I want to refund.

I preorder my game 1-2 mounths ago.
no preload.
Very Buggy/clunky beta.
Release does not even install.

Sorry but where is the refund button?

What exactly is the problem? Like, WHY can you not download the game? What happens when you try to?

here, i post it allready .
The download does not start.


Some of you guys are incredible… if the game doesn’t download or start, you have some nice people here in the Support forums (you posted on General Discussion forums) who can help you. I don’t know in which region are you, but the game is only playable since 0:00 in every country local time. If this is not the problem, Support forums, or at least, explain it a bit more in order we can help you. But an option is always deleting all AoE: DE content in your Windows 10 and restart from zero, trying to download it all again.

And I have to say that the game works awesomely good (at least in single player, didn’t give a try to the multiplayer yet), smooth and visually perfect (for the moment played with 6 civs/maximum pop. cap, and no problem nor framerate dropping). So, if anyways you prefer to simply ask for a refund, OK, it’s your decision, but you surely will regret it.

Support Forum? if i go there, there is not a single Topic in it? i explain it allready in https://forums.ageofempires.com/discussion/15484/download-does-not-start-windows-store-seriosly#latest Topic. what do you want to know ?

A SIMPLE FTP download would be enough!!!

i do not Need to discuss with you about the state of the game here.

Fine that the game runs for you smoothly in singleplayer .
I Encounter alot of lags in multiplayer espacialy if you got more Player into it.

ANYWAY i do not know if this Problem still exist !
shortly for you again.

I choose a ordner to install my age of Empires : DE
He wrote me " starting download - 1,97 gb " while he want to get 18 gb secure on hardspace.

Anyway , after 4-10 mins nothing happens and the download cancle.
I got a download Monitor, i see that my pc is downloading nothing, also i see no Speed in Windows store.

I try different Things to fix it.

.) run the tool from Topic i linked
.) choose other Locations, i try to install on ssd, and normal hd nothing changed
.) i did not even get the Icon in my Windows bar for age of Empires
.) i was playing the beta without Troubles, also the installer got no Troubles back
.) i try to install other games from Windows store, worked without Troubles.
.) i try to download different xbox apps worked also
.) i started my xbox app, he told me i played age of Empires : DE 1 hour ago, while i do not even got the game on my hard space
.) if i install another game, he secure first the hardspace also creating instantly a shortcut from this game into my Windows list , and then start downloading instantly. This does not happen by Age of Empires DE
.) i try to find age of Empires : De , maybe some installed files are anywhere? nothing !
.) he do not secure the 18 GB on my hardspace, he do nothing, only by Age of Empires DE all other Things work in Windows store.

SOOOOO what else you Need to know?

And btw, did you answer my question? where is the refund button?:wink:

You seem to have time to write long texts on forums but no time for searching stuff yourself? Honestly doing stuff yourself is much faster

1.Sign in to your Microsoft Account.
2.From the top menu bar, select Payment & billing > Order history.
3.Navigate to the game or app you want to be refunded, and select ‘Request a refund’.

Anyone have an idea why I am getting really bad FPS? My PC has a GTX 1080ti 16GB RAM and a 17 4790K CPU. I am trying to play at 4K. But am getting like 25-30FPS.

they just want to whine and get some attention, go get your refund kid