Old Civs Outdated!

After I played the last dlc, I see that old civs are outdated. I think devs makes the last civs perfect espacially I like itallians. Please devs make the old civs great again espacially Ottomans :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Honestly I like most of the old civs the best, don’t like this we only give you 1 factory thing with the the new dlc, especially Malta as they they don’t seem to get anything that will replace it


malta trades really good (even better in defensive position) and has cheap archaic units (wood is no problem with the wood exchange card and you get tons of food from cattle)


So how does the cattle work, do you just build a livestock pen and fatten them.?

Yes, the mechanisms of old civs may be outdated, especially the European ones. But I think that makes perfect for those new to this game to learn basis. Mechanisms of new civs are a little bit complicated imo.


Need new cards and rework old weak cards, not new mechanics.

I hope especially new european mercenary/natives shipments.


yeah just normal cow production at livestock pen… so like 10 vill on livestock, 50 on mills, 30 on estate (+settlerwagons on the resource you need at the time more)… atleast thats what im doing lategame

We can also improve on the Knights of St. John civ (the campaign only civ) to be closer to the new Maltese civ like having them use the hospitaller unit instead of the rodelero and having the hoop thrower use the same dialogue as the fire thrower which can definitely make sense because both of these units appear to be exactly the same but with different weapons (though their weapons are at least very similar).


Yes “old” civs are nice, but they feel lacking, have very few “unique” units or roster has the same skin, cards are almost all the same with few variations.

While new civs have new models, new cards, new units, new ways of playing. And those cards consider historical factors and blend way better than old civs (euro ones).

A little example of how devs new models are way better than original ones (obviously).

Imperial gendarme vs Saxony cuirassier models. There are a lot of things that could be implemented besides new cards…