Old timers check in! We pretend it is 1998!


Amazing time, back in the day, I used to have two computers in the attic and me and my brother played LAN, taking turns with some of our friends.


I started playing in 2000, Legion Wars was the rage back. So many good players and good clan rivalries…good ole days.


@rySKI said:

The good old days.

lol its C_obra and ybnvs


too much nostalgia, cant really describe it, really cant wait for beta if im lucky or when the game comes out so i can go back to my childhood… i rembember bigdaddy tho ;^)


Isnt enough nostalgia.


I remember first time I played AOE 1 in 1998, it was the demo version. Honestly, I got involved right away, I was 9 years old and I have to say I almost fall in love with this game. It was like anything I had seen before. And I think that has to be the main objective that you, as programmers, should build on while constructing this game. It should get you involved quickly.


Started playing AoE when I was 31, bit of a late starter you may think, but that was 20 years ago right at the beginning. Not the oldest gamer by far, but getting there


i was playing this game in the MSN gaming zone all the time. Legion wars was best ^^


I started playing in the year 2000 when I was 4 years old :smiley:


damn i’m gonna play deathmatch and become the leader of the best AoE deathmatch clan ever on msn gaming zone! Burning Clan. 20 years later i’m going to miss this game.

  • (Respect: Burning_Bunny, Burning_Ono, Burning_Raptor and everyone else i cant remember).


pop 200 under 4 mins. Burning CLAN!!




Choson, Choson, Hittite. that was the team comp in deathmatch


Hey fellow aoe/ror players, oh how I grew up on the MSN gaming zone playing ranked ror… yes I remember when… Bring the audience back to this game and let the war begin!





A friend got it for his birthday in December the year it got out. His mother picked us after practice and drove us to the game store where he was to choose his birthday gift. What a great choice that was.


I remember playing a 3v3 Art of War scenario in AOE II over and over and over - Huns usually won :slight_smile:


Throwback to eight year old me teaching myself to be a sysadmin just so I could play this game with my friends, spending 90% procent of the time trying to get the multiplayer to work and 10% actually playing and a shout out to my former classmates. We used to play this at school with eight people.


It’s 1998? Nice. I think that’s roughly when things like class parties started for me, with real house music, like 2 Unlimited, Captain Jack and 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor. Maybe even the smurf covers. You know, the real hardcore party stuff. And that’s before we even get to any Happy Hardcore. Hakkuh!

My nostalgia may be kind of localized.

(I was also playing oae of course, but you guys knew that part.)


I remember in ~1999 when I played AOE 1 for the first time on MSN… man I got destroyed. I had no idea what a ‘clan’ was, and no idea how someone could make hundreds of horse archers so fast.

Best time I ever had, I sparred with another noob for ~2 hours, ended up losing, but it took him 30 minutes of looking around the map to find me and finish me off :slight_smile: I had put a villager on a boat, sent it to an island, and hid him in some trees.

Great times.