Old timers check in! We pretend it is 1998!


i miss zone. I have played a bit over the years on GameRanger. Handle has always been AnNiHiLaTe_mE - was a 2k name on zone :slight_smile:


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The good old days.

lol its C_obra and ybnvs

I used to play NsX like you see on one of the game rooms on you Zone.com screenshot. that and Choson War’s. I never got into RoR with the queing up vills and troops, did not interest me.


The OG Ice here! I still tell stories on my twitch stream about old AoE antics. If I had known how awesome the old aoe community was I wouldn’t have taken it for granted in its time! Hoping to get some of that magic back.


I played this game through from 97 to 2001 on the zone. I loved it. Played with a lot of great people. I hope to be able to play again. Though I doubt I’ll ever be as good as I once was.



Wowwww some old names here! VFC_Rack checking in :wink:

Atuih & I have kept in contact for 10 years on skype waiting for this day!

I thank AoE to this day for making me learn code just so i could make websites showing off screenshots of our clan wins! Now I run a digital media agency. lul.

Geocities.com / cjb.net haHAA

And this is still around - http://www.network54.com/Forum/43443


Back in the day, I was the Argent Knight. I remember creating my first website for AOE back in high school and helped for a short time on the AOE Heaven website.

Right now I am playing Civ VI on the iPad. What I would give (pay) to play AOE DE on the iPad… a true AOE game!


In those times I was borning.




I can remember coming home from school in 98, to watch my cousin play AOE1 & ROR… i was in kindergarten 3-4 years old at that time, and eventually i was able to play myself… 18 years later and i still play it regularly. :slight_smile: good times…


wow, what for memories!! My first pc was an Amstrad! :slight_smile:


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The good old days.

Oooooooohhhhh! Didn’t see this windows for more than 15 years!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The demo mission i have very vivid and loving memories of the campaign punic war, where you start head on in a waterbattle against those triremes… especially the catapult triremes were cool with the eye painted on the front of the boats, all the audio from simply clicking a building such sweet memories. I really have enjoyed this game so much! Rise of Rome even all the music soundtracks i can still humm along with them. The whole feel the game gave away was just perfect! Great to see it being remastered. ! Whololoooo Out!


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I remember in ~1999 when I played AOE 1 for the first time on MSN… man I got destroyed. I had no idea what a ‘clan’ was, and no idea how someone could make hundreds of horse archers so fast.

Haha, yeah. I remember playing against people for the first time and realized it was a completely different game (I had better get serious, this is the real game, oh yeah). I was really hooked from then.

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@tachoknight It might have been a later version. I really can’t remember, but I have a few others where the banners differ. Ohhh, I will never forget the live chat support rooms. I remember that people used to go in there just to troll the helpers and they would post up screenshots of them doing it on their websites loooool.


Yeah, I can tell you have Windows XP in that screenshot. That came out in late 2001. So AOE had already been released for 4 years maybe. I also remember it was called the “Internet Gaming Zone” instead of “MSN Gaming Zone” originally.


I have to say, I’ve missed this game. An ancient yet still fun game. Too bad the Beta multiplayer has such SHIT lag… I really wish I could stay in a game without another player quitting, or lagging out. I’ve been playing AoE since '98, with a 28.8k modem. Played with buddies all over my small town via dial up.


How about some 5-10 minutes installation reading the CD on Windows 98?

Here, have a look at my post.

Back bring your old memories 20 years ago!


So it would really awesome if the Gaming Zone came back. I was an M+ on there and it was awesomely cool.
So I take it to play this game you can on steam and? Anywhere else?


I remember when they game first started, the other guy started painting you town so you couldn’t build, all you could do is destroy his stuff and then out of the woods came Elephants. Not just Elephants, Persian Elephants at that. The fastest Elephants on the planet. :slight_smile:


Wow! Reading these posts bring back a lot of memories. I loved the ability to play with all the civilizations on each of the many map styles. It was a new game dynamic every time.


What a great thread! So many memories. I finished playing in the msngamingzone under Jagster03. My best friends were __Mr__Red and __Mr__Brown. I believe prior to that they were in EliteX.

Can’t wait to relive and recreate this!


i need that kind of pc but i’ll install winxp bcz some games are supported in xp :blush: