Old timers check in! We pretend it is 1998!



Any of SUN guys playn this game?


PuRE Slasher here.


a lot of memories!


The game is pretty nostalgic now


I remember when I played the age of empires 1 demo on a friend’s computer and damn, it had so much value to me. Now I got so many games and they don’t have the same value anymore.

Nostalgic… and it was so self explanatory and simple… I was an 8 year old who didn’t even speak english.


I remember having a netzero bar in the top right corner because my parents didn’t want to pay for internet.


" y_wont_u " CLAN I was co-leader turned leader due to the absence of the creator. We were champs at Sea Wars… my lobbies would be something in ascii like " $Èâ \/\/@Å–ÅŸ ". Still champing it out on here as Large Islands are prominent. My tag used to be y_wont_u_get_it… 100+ active members to maintain. Great times met some great people.


MSN Zone was ahead of its time, severely. We need to have this ability on a 2018 level… The current lobby system is incompatible with meeting new people and maintaining a clan like system.


my gosh, this game was one of my firsts, my dad was into computers and got a demo from a local computer show when it was released. I played the demo for so long before i got the full version. My favorite game of all time. Even happier with the first game than the second.


GG All!

This game was legitimately why I was long term unemployed at one stage of my life… why work when AoE existed?

Also the reason I went into business after setting up ANZAC AoE taught me life skills


got this game from a teacher in elementary school in grade 4, still my favorite teacher and favorite game XD


Windows 95 & 98 my childhood :slight_smile:


Oh wow, this brings back memories. I started play in 1998. I’m definitely an old schooler. Don’t know if anyone remembers but my zone days name is original_noc. Let me know if you remember me! I played AOE Rise of Rome.


I cant believe all the response we got from this post. It is amazing how many of us had amazing times growing up playing this. Thank you all for your comments and sharing. It is amazing to see all of you and love the pictures!


How I mis MS gaming zone. Had so many friends and clans over the years on it!


LOL Warcraft/warcraft2 and AOE… I loved RTS games as well as UO (mmrpg)
I figured out the build order to AOE early on and used to rush towns with chariot archers

Back in the day before games had gaming network platforms there was this thing called KALI with a game lobby chat room etc… Before that it was IHHD (internet head to head deamon that simulated a null modem connection (2 player only). Used that when playing DOOM.

Those were the days!


can’t remember your name but I played this when it 1st came out as a demo, downloaded it before it got to stores.
Before that I played the original warcraft, and then later warcraft2. Played those games on a gaming network called KALI (before blizzard had battlenet) My name then in warcraft was ColdSteel as human, or (and I apologize in advance) as orcs I called myself BludyTampon. LOL I know that’s terrible, but that was the fun of the internet back in the day.
Really enjoyed AOE and still do. Used to play for hours on custom maps like the one were you were separated by hedges, and the race to get heavy catapults to cut through the wood hedge and invade was on. If you were good you cut paths to your allies so that you could run trade carts to maintain a gold supply. That map could go all day if you had even matched teams.


AoE was the genesis of my screen name I used for many years.


Everything I tried was already taken on the Zone. I decided to try busybody and that was taken too! So for the heck of it I tried bizzybody and I finally had my name.

So why is my Xbox Live name KVUGNG? Same story! bizzybody was taken, so was the name I’ve been using instead of that, so was everything else I tried. So I dug out my old backup IRC handle.

KVUGNG was the command sent to the Viking 1 Mars probe to separate the lander to commence descent to the Martian surface. That became K’Voo Gung! The Space Viking.

I swear the ISP I had dialup with back then had an AoE detection and killer process. I could be on for hours and hours. But about 90% of the time attempting to play AoE the connection would drop in about 5 minutes. Thus I got in very little online multiplayer action. :frowning:


This is awesome!

So many good memories.


Remember when Kelloggs gave out the good stuff? My first AoE