Old timers check in! We pretend it is 1998!


I got mine bundled with encarta 98 !


Ha, I just upgraded my Laptop from 64MB to 196MB of Ram to play this Game back then!


When you werent allowed to play online because of the phone bills


uhhmm, if you are an insider, do you guys still buy it to access closed beta?


Oh yeah! That ball tracking and constantly banging it on mouse pad to scroll across your base lol!


@damentist said:

The good old days.

Thanks for posting the screen shot. Brought back good memories!


Anticipation is KILLIN ME!!!


Hey everyone, Tim here… aka Shadows - big time DM/NS/Cho player from 99-06.
I CAN’T WAIT to play this game!



I remember how amazed I was when I played multiplayer in AOE I & II AOK LOL


I’m 8 years old, my brother just bought this amazing game that I can’t help but sit beside him to watch him play. Better than anything on TV. (It wasn’t until 3 years later that I could actually play, but I enjoyed it anyway)


Used to play this all the time on the MSN Gaming Zone for many years. Always loved the choson wars.


ShRoOmS or _MyStiKaL here…

Cho Wars and Ns here we come :smiley: I was too poor to get a good enough computer for AoE2 so I always played AoE/RoR. One of the top best RTS games ever made.

1 > 2 forever


So many memories! I can remember playing in the zone for hours on end!


Hope this ressurects aoe/ror! Hope we can run tourneys like AOC on voobly. Time to call back old elite players!


I first learned about Age of Empires from that foldout ad that showed a beautiful, peaceful village and asked “What more could you want?” When you unfolded it, it showed the same village under attack and said, “An army would be nice.”

I also remember one pundit claiming the game would fail before it came out because it was being made by a studio of nobodies and the name sounded too much like “Age of Vampires”. What an idiot.


This game was my entire childhood. Honestly cannot wait for this game to come out!


we played AOE with friends or in family, about hours and hours

  • sunlight -> no
  • coffee -> yes
  • pizza -> yes
  • beer -> yes


I didnt get it yet in 98 :frowning:


My first game on pc. I was six years old.
Just beautiful memories, I still keep the original box as a treasure.