Oldenberg royal hunters training

I’m not sure if this should be called a bug, or a design failure.

From Oldenberg native you can train 7 royal hunters one by one. After an upgrade tech you can train 14 hunters with 50% extra damage, but cannot gather anymore. They shouldn’t be counted as “villagers” anymore, but they’re still trained one by one, making it impossible to use them in any situation. And Oldenberg appears on many European maps now, which is a huge disaster to civs like French. Shouldn’t it be fixed?


discussed before, not a bug

  1. A unit that cannot gather is not a villager.
  2. Are royal hunters “OP” in any situation? 140 food for 150 HP 15 attack and can only counter light infantry: they’re not better than crossbows.
  3. It’s obvious that Oldenberg is the only minor civ that can hardly been used in any situation. A disaster to civs like French and Inca.

they are still affected by techs that were sent before the switch that does affect settlers, the buff doesnt go away

these stats are after nerf but you can still get them pretty high

the way u play them is to max them out as villagers and then get huntsmen

150 HP for comparison is the same HP as a musket and with 40 range resist as well so they are definitely no slouch

It’s 30% resist bro. Notice they cost 140 food.
“Max them and get huntsmen”? You can only train 7 of them, and after the tech they’re not better than a French courier, but you can no longer gather units from now on. What the hell is this?

You can keep saying how OP they are, but the fact is that no one use Oldenberg.

sure 30% so it has HP of a musket and range resist of a skirm or a unit with the base attack and range resist of a skirm with 30 more HP, how does that sound?

I am not sure how you can say that when its base atk is 15 and they stack villagers,infantry and native upgrades

these are still achieveable stats

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When using the tech where they stop being vills, they should be able to be created in batches of 5.

They are a very strong unit with all the upgrades, but you can’t afford to do 1 on 1 units.

I am a lover of native strats, and cannot afford to use these competitively in a long game that requires redoing them.

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Technically, this happens because the devs didn’t remove the “DontTrainInBatches” flag from Royal Hunters. It can be solved with a simple fix.

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