Older replays Error

recorded games break with every new patch, thats how it is and how it was, and there’s no plans to fix that behaviour because it’s a bit too hard to implement.

■■■■ man. Wish i knew ahead of time. thx for the heads up though, gonna record my replays live now.

This is a known issue for casters/streamers, tournament organisers, as they’re a big part on AoE’s recent growing.
For instance: AoElympics it’s a huge tournament with plenty of games being played daily, no one can cast/stream everything, when patches arrives the recs that didn’t make it to the stream are lost and with that lots of work by the players, organisers, casters/streamers and the audience gets let alone.

Please Age of Empires, Forgotten Empires, Microsoft and whoever Is on charge of this part of the game’s development, at least try to figure a way to make recs compatible with multiple Patches.



I stopped counting threads about this subject. I support the idea.


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If the devs aren’t going to fix this issue, then give us the ability to install every previous patch version of the game. I have the storage space for it and I’m very upset that I can’t see my recorded games.

And it’s not excuse if this is how it’s always been. After the Conquerors expansion was released, the game only had 3 or 4 patches (I think most people used the “C” patch), and HD Edition (now “2013”) usually only had 2 or 3 patches per year, although I still had replay issues with it which I thought were unacceptable. But now I’m suppose to expect that replays stop working every patch when new patches are released every month or even more often?


So today I intended to watch my old replays, but just after a couple of seconds or so, it says out of sync and an error occurs.

I think it is because those games were played on the previous patch i.e before the latest update and so the error is occuring which is still not acceptable. Still can anybody confirm, or tell me what is the matter if this is not the case.

Yes, it’s a known issue that you can’t play replays of games that were played on a previous patch.

See also:

I agree that it would be nice to watch older recorded games, but I doubt it will be fixed.

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This is still happening. Every update, older version replays break.

A video was released showcasing all the “improvements” coming in the November patch. But there’s no mention of the ability to watch old replays. The devs seems to be more concerned about adding features to our 21-year-old game instead of trying to fix the problems they introduce.

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Every game that was played before the last patch can’t be spectate anymore

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Unfortunately that’s very common. The reason for this is because the game records actions done by the player and events (like a deer moving). The game shows replays by replaying those same actions (eg: task villager to certain tree). With a new update, bugs get fixed, path finding changed, and balancing is done. All of these change how a game would have been played. So if they allowed the playback of an older path game the replay would be out of sync anyway.
If they wanted to fix this, you’d have to save the entire game and it’s mechanics every patch. It’s pretty common for games that update this often to function this way with replays. Don’t think this will ever be fixed, well, until the game stops getting updates…

For everyone here, there’s a solution, it’s not perfect, but it allows you to go back to older versions of the game, making it possible to replay them. You can check why this would work in the comment above ^^

I’m not the creator of the application

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Devs, please fix this. My first time against the Hard AI was on patch 43210 and it had a ton of amazing Siege Onager shots, mass trebuchets and an amazing battle against a Goth flood, I really want to see it again. I even got 1200 kills.