Omg jajaaj i will never pick rusia again, what do you think about this quality per pop units?

being rusia is imposible to kill this guy, i would need around 40 strelet to shoot it to die jajajja.

best quality per squared mm on game i think.

Artillery exists ya know.

I just played a game with FU Soldado and they melted to artillery just like every other infantry unit.


mm i think rusia cant win to this on nr 40

Also grenadiers…with their insane range resist.

Russian infantry is meant to act as a meat shield for the real threat to hide behind - artillery. Artillery is Russia’s only real response to heavy infantry, which is why they have a card to allow it to be trained from blockhouses.

Russian infantry is cheap and trains incredibly fast and is super pop-efficient. You can get out 5 normal muskets for the price of that one musketeer. Russia’s strength lies in their cavalry and artillery, not their infantry.


They are less population efficient than normal Musketeers because they cost 2x the population but don’t have 2x the damage, only 2x the HP.


forts, artillery, instant grenadiers. there are a lot of ways to fight heavy infantry for russia.

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incoreherent info, you are exagerating,
russia is famous because his infatry is opo inefficient, and 285 food is the food of 3.5 musketeer aprox. not 5

yep they die to horses easily and are extremely expensive

yep? try to fight doppensoldier

That’s resource-efficient, not pop efficient. Russian infantry is extremely inefficient population-wise. Cossacks are quite population efficient though.

But she is right, russians wont win battles with their infantry, they need canons

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