On Scenarios & User-Created Content

  1. We need a system which functions the same as the steam workshop where players can share user-created files. Scenario maps, random map scripts, AI scripts, campaigns, etc. We know it is feasible as Microsoft offers free cloud storage with emails, they definitely have the infrastructure.

  2. There is a lot of content for age of empires 2 which would be very useful in the definitive version. We could use a program which converts scenarios and random maps into a file type usable by the definitive edition. Of course units can’t be transferred but at least the terrain. It is very easy for programmers to rig up little .exe files like this but an official one that everyone can trust would be great.

  3. I am not sure to what extent the age of empires 1 map editor was capable but the full range of triggers that we have in age of empires 2 hd would be much appreciated.

  4. Does anyone know how to change user name on this forum?

  1. Agree. That would be very awesome.

  2. There is also a lot of Age of Empires Rise of Rome content. Which you an find at http://aoe.heavengames.com and personally I would like to see compatibility with those user-made contents instead of AOE2 stuff. Different games, different maps.

  3. It is not compatible with triggers, and it would be awesome if they added it.

  4. Klick on your profile (above left corner) there you can edit at lot of things.