On The Wild Side Mastery

The Rus mastery wants me to collect 250 gold in Dark Age using just hunting cabins. I have tried to achieve this once and is kinda crazy. If one has to age up in 6m or less or you’re dead, when can we find the time and wood to build enough hunting cabins, generate 250 gold AND age up at a reasonable time?

My guess is that this cannot be done competitively. I am thinking I either achieve the mastery or win the game. Thoughts or advise for me? Yes, please! Cheers.

I’ve done all my masteries on the easiest AI if it concerns doing something specific with builds.

Thanks. The AI is not really too hard at all, so I just completed it against the Hardest AI by making palisade walls, wooden fortresses and waited until 10 minutes before reaching Age II. I played against the English as they aren’t as broken as the french. In feudal I made knights from 3 stables and cleaned the AI’s archers and won the game.

I was trying to do this and realized you can do this without any AI.

Single Player > Skirmish > No AI and start the game

I think you still need to win the match though, so I just captured all the sacred sites when I knew I had completed the masteries

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Wait you can do all masteries like that? At least the ones where you don’t need to kill sth?

I think so? As long as it doesn’t state you need to play an AI.

Obviously you lose a little practice with an AI but the easy / intermediate difficulty is pretty easy

You don’t need an enemy AI for masteries that don’t require enemies (kill X of Y with Z).
For gathering masteries such as these, simply create a skirmish with one AI, and make yourselves the same team. You then have all the time to play as you wish.

If you simply must win, do so by anything but landmarks.