One change that would make Hand Cannoneer good

Make their projectile travel the entire length of their range until it collides with an enemy unit. I think that alone would be enough make them a strong unit.
Also revert the buff to their accuracy. it’s actually a good thing for a unit without ballistic to miss sometime, since otherwise fast units can run circle around them and never get hit.

Why people keep talking about Hand Cannoneer? They are very good now and very decent. We literally see them now almost all the games and all tournaments and they got many buffs already. They don’t need any sort of buff at all.


Pretty sure that this is the case since AoK.

I wonder why HC shouldn’t be affected by balistics?

This is funny that the icon is a cannon and it has nothing to do with gunpowder unit


Exactly… a castle age tech… with a cannom… doesn’t affect gunpowder units… Aoe logic

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