One hour in the queue, no TG played so far

Guys, I am 1h10min in the TG queue and had no game so far.
All dogded by alt-f4 or instant resigns.

Just saying.


dont use ranked team games with random teamates. also dont ban any maps to prevent alt f4.

I wish I could remember this every time I queue here 11
PSA: you only ban one map

Solo players dont want to play an unfair game.
Duo teams who not playing smurf dont want to paly an unfair game.

Soon or later that TG player base will be less and less.

Yeah I quit playing tg with randoms because of that. It’s just no fun. And now we gotta listen to alt-f4ers on this forum too who are claiming they are somehow ‘saving multiplayer’ with their actions

i’ve been playing a lot less after most of the 3000/4000/5000 elo players started bringing along smurfs in their party

game is full of cheaters/exploiters

(and yes, we have 5000 elo players now. it’s a joke)


i dont know of any way to cheat in this game

Guess who

And oh, big surprise. Using smurfs

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Just give up, TG’s are a graveyard of sportsmanship, civ pickers/abusers, stacks, smurfs, Alt+F4s, plus the TG meta is at its lowest point- heavily single-dimensional. Why bother?

I think TGs are more challenging because you can go freely on Eles, Leitis, Paladins and more. Things that you can’t do in 1v1

yea i dont see why so many try and play team games. 1v1s is the true test of skill.

ranked isn’t just for testing skill. it’s just general matchmaking

aoe2 is a 22-year-old game. teamgames have always been the most popular mode for its entire history

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Oh dear this is horrendous. This is the reason I quit playing AoE2DE.
Why havent they done anything against droppers still, like a system that auto bans people who drop with ever increasing periods of times like in CS GO?

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But why you quite when you still get campaigns, custom lobbies, 1v1 and even unranked lol

Because Im a TG player :slight_smile:

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team games in the lobby browser are still not half bad. the trick is to join a discord of regulars and orginize the game there. that way you can get a fast group of evenly matched players without needing to deal with ranked. i honestly feel they should just removed the ranked team game que alltogether and replace it with mono map ques like arena

No thanks, too much hassle finding players and whatnot in discord, feels like going to work, I prefer just quitting the game entirely.

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you do you. but i could never quit this game no matter how bad it gets

I got great news for you, with the next patch the queues will be longer, less players, more smurfs to avoid the punishment and players resigning after 5-10 mins which i guess could be the grace period that you can resign without getting the punishment, so at the end of your day, the same crappy experience but wasting more time.

Whoever is in charge of the MM for teamgames is not the understanding the issue at all, but you will see lots of trolls saying thank god the devs finally fixed the issue :clown_face: which wont last, i see the revival of the alt f4 topic within the same day.


@SouMexican stop spreading panic man, people also said that when the tg elo inflation was removed, and actually that worked out somewhat fine.