One purchase for family

Does anyone know whether one purchase of AOEII:DE be sufficient to install on several PCs in a household for multiplayer? I have purchased one for my PC, but cannot understand if I can play it with my son without purchasing another copy for his PC. Is multiplayer via LAN even possible using one copy of the game?
Thank you!

Steam or windows store? I’m not familiar with the store one, but Steam would require separate accounts. you can run it on multiple computers as you are buying the license for it, but multiplayer on the same account is impossible. There may be some LAN trickery to connect games that are in offline mode, but that is far beyond me.

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I just opted to get a licence for each family member. Sign up to XBOX on PC BETA for 1 dollar, then you can buy and gift copies for a $4 discount :slight_smile:

Yeah, nowadays multiplayer games pretty much works on the ‘one copy per player’ rule. Unless for local split screen, of course.

Steam allows some library share, but to that work the shared library owner can’t play anything while the benefited is playing and vice-versa.